Homemade Dust Collectin Systems

Small Shop Dust Collection Systems

Woodworking can produce a great amount of sawdust and other particles that travel through the air. Since a woodworking shop is often a small and enclosed space, it is important for these particles to be filtered from the air for the health and safety of the workers inside the shop. Small shop dust collection systems can eliminate the presence of harmful dust particles in the woodworking shop in order to ensure quality and breathable air for the workers. Small shop dust collection systems can be central or portable and can come in different sizes and powers. Some shop owners may even want to try and make a homemade dust collection system for their shop.

Extra Protection

Shops where workers use power tools or woodworking tools that produce sawdust and other dust particles should have a central dust collection system that is powerful enough to extract the particles from the air. However, even the most powerful dust collection systems are not able to remove every single dust particle from the air inside a shop. Woodworkers should still wear protective gear such as a facemask to filter out all the other smaller particles that can still cause discomfort to nasal passages and lungs.

Looking More Into Central Small Shop Dust Collection Systems

Central small shop dust collection systems are some of the most powerful systems available on the market today. These systems are built into the shop’s walls and usually have the air intake through the ceiling. The ductwork then expels the air to the exterior of the building. A central dust collection system should only need to be cleaned and shouldn’t require much maintenance from the shop owner.

Installation Of A Dust Collection System

It is recommended that a shop owner consult a professional for the design and installation of a central dust collection system. However, since many shop owners have experience with building projects, they may want to consider a homemade dust collection system for their shop.

  • When considering a homemade dust collection system, it is important for a shop owner to first design and measure the dimensions of the shop.
  • The ductwork in the woodworking shop should situated so it does not take up a lot of needed workspace.
  • The design of the homemade dust collection system can be completely up to the shop owner, which is often appealing for those who have a smaller or oddly shaped space to work with.
  • Since a shop owner knows how the shop operates, he or she should also be able to design a custom collection system that will be convenient for workers.

A professional should be able to help a shop owner with the plans for a homemade woodworking dust collection system. The shop owner should first examine how powerful the intake on the system needs to be for effectiveness. Small shop dust collections systems are far less complicated to design than a large industrial system. Small shop owners should have no trouble making the calculations and taking the steps necessary to make plans for a homemade central dust collection system. Woodworking employees can breathe easier in a shop that has a centralized dust collection system because it is able to eliminate the particles from the air.